The (FOSS) system is created as a Science only resource.

This system has integrated adaptations that are specifically designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners: “The FOSS Program has been designed to maximize the science-learning opportunities for students with special needs and students from culturally and linguistically diverse origins. FOSS is rooted in a 30-year tradition of multisensory science education and informed by recent research on UDL. Procedures found effective with students with special needs and students learning English are incorporated into the materials and procedures used with all students.”

An issue that might arise in implementing the program is definitely the cost of the program and the needed materials needed to conduct the experiments.

Flexible Grouping

This trend works for both math and science in the classroom. Each student differs not only in select subjects, such as math and science, but also within narrower categories (for example functions, graphing, cells, etc.).

Continual Assessment

This trend is appropriate for math and science. Assessing students often helps teachers know which direction to take differentiated instruction (Differentiation Central, 2010).